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Blended Gifts Seminar

Blended Gifts Overview (14 min)

Blended Gifts Seminar

Successful charities are achieving their fundraising campaign goals through blended gifts. If you are a major gifts or planned gifts officer, this session is for you. Learn how to capture a combination of planned and current gifts for your organization using proven marketing strategies and personalized blended gift donor proposals.

This seminar is intended to equip you to offer the most common blended gift strategies to your donors. Learn hands-on with CresPro Software how to create persuasive proposals for 12 gift combinations along with personalized marketing materials. Walk away with the knowledge you need to get started offering and closing blended gifts in or outside of your next fundraising campaign.

Price: $250

Course Outline

  • Blended Gifts and BoomerTrillion
  • Blended Gifts Strategies and Exercises
    • Gift and Bequest
    • Endowed Gift and Bequest
    • Gift and Gift Annuity
    • Gift and Unitrust
    • Gift and Deferred Annuity
    • IRA Rollover and Bequest
    • IRA Rollover and Testamentary Unitrust
    • Gift Annuity and Bequest
    • Lead Trust and Bequest
    • Annuity Contract Gift and Bequest
    • Unitrust Income Interest Gift and Bequest
    • Gift and Testamentary Lead Trust
  • CresPrint for Blended Gifts
  • Web, Email and Social Media Marketing for Blended Gifts
  • Analytics to Find Your Best Blended Gifts Prospects
  • Marketing Success



For the 2018 schedule of our Blended Gifts seminars, please visit our Major & Blended Gifts seminar page.

Blended Gifts Overview (14 min)


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