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Two Tools to Connect with the Post Pandemic Donor

As we gradually turn the corner following the unforeseen events brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to adapt to the changing needs of your donor audience.

We have all been affected by this ever-changing landscape, whether we are working from home, social distancing to aid our immunocompromised family or even adapting to the consistent Zoom culture that has quickly swept our society. One thing is for certain, technology has taken over the world by storm and your donors are looking online for solutions for their planned giving needs.

Here are two crucial tools you can implement within your planned giving website that immediately react to your post pandemic donors' needs:

Estate Planning Guide/Wills Planner

Your donors are turning to the technology advancements of these changing times for a more updated and seamless experience to plan their estates.

A downloadable estate planning guide is an educational resource you can use to steward your donors and provide an opportunity for planned giving. This guide helps them organize important information, informs them of what documents need to be prepared when creating a will, and allows them to include a gift or bequest to your non-profit organization.

The estate planning guide can be branded to include your organization’s colors, logos, pictures, and mission, ensuring your donors will remember your organization when it comes time to implement planned gifts within their will.

Dynamic Giving Widgets

A second powerful tool that can be used to create a one-stop planned giving shop for your donors is hosting dynamic giving widgets on your planned giving page.

Giving widgets are an effective resource that allow your donors to directly facilitate planned gifts to your organization, straight from your planned giving website. These giving widgets function by directing your donors from your gift planning website directly to the login page of their preferred custodian to make their gift to your organization. You can be notified directly when your donor is using this function so you can see exactly when and what gift is heading your way.

Crescendo offers giving widgets for the following gift models: DAF gifts, IRA Charitable Rollover gifts, and Beneficiary Designation gifts. If you are already a GiftLegacy user, take advantage of your full GiftLegacy Pro subscription now by implementing these widgets on your planned giving site at no additional cost.

Respond to the changing habits of your post pandemic donor by implementing these tools on your website, and create a one-stop planned giving shop with a seamless online experience for your donor audience.

To learn more about hosting estate planning resources and dynamic giving widgets, please contact us at 800-858-9154. Crescendo is here to help!

By Ryan LaCanfora
Integrated Marketing – Northeast Region

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