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Planned Giving Software - Crescendo Estate

Charitable Tax Proposal (Crescendo Estate)

The Crescendo Estate software includes the most common charitable tax plans used by professional advisors (attorneys, CPAs, financial planners and underwriters). Crescendo Estate includes client illustrations, gift calculations, technical explanations and the GiftLaw Pro tax reference.

Crescendo Estate features 23 gift plans from the Crescendo Pro software.

Price: $600

($300 software + $300 annual service, which includes technical/content support as well as semiannual tax and software updates.)

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Gift Plans

  • One and Two Life Annuity Trust
  • Bequest/Bequest of IRA
  • One and Two Life Gift Annuity
  • Gift Plus Insurance
  • Gift/Sale
  • Lead Trust
  • Retirement Unitrust
  • Sale vs. Unitrust
  • Testamentary Lead Trust
  • Testamentary Unitrust/IRA
  • Unitrust - Life Plus Term
  • Unitrust and Insurance Trust
  • One to Eight Life Unitrust
  • Unitrust and Sale
  • FLIP Unitrust


  • Annuity Trust - Term of Years, QPRT, GRAT
  • Lead Trust UT/AT - Term of Years
  • Lead Trust - UT/AT for One or Two Lives
  • Unitrust - Three to Ten Lives


  • One and Two Life Unitrust
  • Testamentary Unitrust
  • Flip Unitrust
  • Current Gift Annuity (50 States)
  • Living Annuity Trust
  • Living Lead Trust
  • Testamentary Lead Trust
  • Double Discount Lead Trust
  • Lead Supertrust

Estate Planning

  • Married Couple
  • Surviving Spouse
  • Single Person
  • Estate Tax Calculation

Software Screen Shots

GiftLaw Pro

Crescendo Estate includes the GiftLaw Pro charitable tax reference service. Available online, it features thousands of pages of information on gift planning strategies and assets. It includes links to relevant Internal Revenue code sections, regulations, rulings, cases and more.

Crescendo Estate FAQs

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1. What are the key features of Crescendo Estate?

Crescendo Estate is designed for individuals who want a middle-line product. It includes our base gift models plus testamentary unitrusts, lead trusts and estate planning programs.

2. What are Crescendo Estate's requirements?

Windows compatible operating systems. Required hard disk space is 250MB.

3. What is included with purchase?

Software CD, a detailed electronic user's manual and computer/planned giving support services.

4. Is demonstration software available?

Yes, fill out our online trial form or call us at 1-800-858-9154.

Free Trial Software Request

For a free demonstration of Crescendo Estate, please complete our trial request form or call us at 1-800-858-9154.


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