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Planned Giving Seminar - Advanced

Advanced Seminar

The Advanced Seminar explores basic to complex major and planned gifts and will give you insights into the kinds of gifts that will be attractive to donors. Discover the most effective gift concepts for your major donors including basic and advanced charitable remainder trusts, gifts from IRAs and qualified retirement plans and charitable lead trusts.

Price: $495

Continuing Education Credits: 12 hours

Course Outline

  • Unitrust/FLIP Unitrust Document
  • Unitrust with Insurance Replacement
  • Unitrust and Sale/Zero Tax
  • Education Unitrust
  • Education Annuity Trust
  • Retirement Unitrust
  • Tax-Free Income Annuity Trust
  • Gift Analyzer
  • GiftLaw Pro Exercises
  • Calculator Exercises
  • IRA to Testamentary Unitrust - Children
  • IRA to Testamentary Unitrust - Spouse
  • Email Proposals
  • Family Foundation Plus Trust
  • Bypass IRA Unitrust
  • Life Plus Term Option
  • Grantor Lead Trust
  • Lead Trust for Children
  • Lead Trust for Grandchildren
  • Annuity Lead Super Trust
  • Double Discount Lead Trust
  • Four-Layer Testamentary Lead Trust


Camarillo, CA
2/11/2020 - 2/12/2020 $495.00
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San Diego, CA
9/23/2020 - 9/24/2020 $495.00
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What People Are Saying

We are proud to have had the following organizations, among many others, as part of our planned giving seminars:

"It provides real personal satisfaction to be able to give donors tax-wise suggestions that help them to steward their resources well and share their abundance with worthy causes. The Crescendo Advanced seminar focuses on some of the best gift options for those with modest to high net worth. Of particular value was the practical emphasis placed on using qualified retirement accounts to fund testamentary gifts. It is possible to support family and great causes without diminishing one's financial security."

— Maynard Lowry
Gift Planning and Special Gifts Officer
Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry

"Crescendo presentation software and seminars have kept me on the "philanthropic cutting edge" for 20 years. The Advanced Seminar always prepares and motivates me, afresh, to effectively prepare and illustrate tax-wise planned giving solutions for persons with larger and more challenging estate situations. Updates on changing laws, the newest planned giving strategies and how to best use Crescendo software is what it's all about. You will leave with a new desire to share the "good news" of planned giving."

— John D. Hackworth
Vice President, Planned Giving and Investment Services
Assemblies of God Financial Services Group

"I found the Crescendo Advanced Seminar to be excellent both in content and presentation. The discussion on IRAs was particularly fascinating. I have been using Crescendo for years, and found that the seminar provided with me with much more knowledge of the software than I even knew existed. I also really enjoyed the way the material was presented, with sample exercises, conversation style discussion of topics, and sharing of knowledge from the class participants. Thank you Crescendo for an excellent seminar!"

— Matthew Laufman
Sutter Health Development

"I found the Crescendo Advanced Seminar to be challenging, informative and motivating. The presenters speak from a wealth of experience and illustrate planning concepts with personal experiences. Even with more than 15 years of planned giving experience, I learned a lot about the tools as well as the techniques for closing planned gifts. I have already put some of this new information to use as I continue to relate to donors. An added bonus was a southern California seminar during a cold Nebraska winter."

— Mel Friesen
Director of Planning Giving
Grace University

"Crescendo's Advanced Seminar will sharpen your focus on your donor's objectives and the planning tools to fulfill them. My professional knowledge was enhanced and my skill in using Crescendo was brought to a whole new level."

— Ron Blomberg
Director of Estate Planning
Biola University

"The Crescendo Advanced Seminar was jammed packed with important information and strategies for the gift planner. Practical case studies and hands-on exercises helped me better understand the myriad of planned gifts available to my donors. And, as usual, top-notch Crescendo instructors helped clarify the sometimes complex rules associated with our profession. This seminar helps unlock the power of Crescendo software!"

— Bob Batson
Director of Financial Affairs
Wright State University


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