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Planned Giving Software - CresLite

Basic Gift Plans (CresLite & Crescendo Lite)

CresLite, our cloud software, enables you to produce basic gift plans that include personalized illustrations, detailed technical explanations, gift documents and the GiftLaw Pro charitable tax reference service.

CresLite features a carefully selected set of 10 of the most widely used gift models from Crescendo's planned gifts software system.

Price: $300

($150 software + $150 annual service, which includes legal support as well as semiannual tax and software updates.)

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Gift Plans

  • One to Eight Life Unitrust/Document
  • Retirement/FLIP Unitrust/Document
  • Sale vs. Unitrust
  • Sale and Unitrust Combination
  • Unitrust and Life Insurance
  • One and Two Life Annuity Trust/Document
  • Current Gift Annuity/50-State Document
  • Deferred /Flexible Gift Annuity/Document
  • Grantor Retained Unitrust/Annuity Trust
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trust

GiftLaw Pro

CresLite includes the GiftLaw Pro charitable tax reference service. Available online, it features thousands of pages of information on gift planning strategies and assets. It includes links to relevant Internal Revenue code sections, regulations, rulings, cases and more.

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