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Planned Giving Enewsletters and Emails

Emails & Enewsletters

Email is a highly efficient and cost-effective method to reach your planned giving donors. We provide the GiftLegacy enewsletter for your current or prospective donors, and the GiftLaw enewsletter for financial professionals. You may also create and send custom eblasts — short emails focused on specific subjects or announcements — through our system.

Each email contains your branding and includes timely articles, impactful stories as well as links directing readers to your website. The examples below show some of the many planned giving enewsletters and eblasts our clients send to their donors.

2016 Email Study: Experiments in Email Marketing

2016 Email Study - Experiments in Email Marketing

What are the best ways to increase email performance and response rates?

What types of gift planning offers produce the most responses?

How do donors respond to words like "bequest," "estate plan" and "tax benefits"?

What is the impact of colors and fonts on readability for fundraising emails?

How do donors respond to emails based on the date and/or time they are delivered?

Crescendo's 2016 FREE email studyExperiments in Email Marketing: Principles of Effective Emails Based on A/B Testing — contains the answers to these questions and more! Understand your donor's preferences and responses to your email marketing. Make better use of email to reach prospects and multiply gifts to your organization.

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