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Are Videos Popular for Gift Planning?

Everyone seems to be a fan of videos. Most of us have viewed videos for tutorials, breaking news or a musical concert. Videos can be informative, entertaining and engaging.

Videos are also popular for gift planning. I hope the thought of including videos on your nonprofit website is being seriously considered as a marketing strategy. Gift planning videos that engage your visitors and educate them on ways to make a difference will benefit your nonprofit and your donors. Videos can tug on donors’ heartstrings and provide opportunities for engagement with your cause.

Establish goals
Establishing goals for your videos as you plan gives the project structure for efficiency. Engagement may be at the top of your list. Keep your website visitors on your pages with timely calls-to-action. Videos create interest for website visitors and more donor leads for you. Education is another recommended goal for a gift planning website video. Your constituents will learn about additional ways to support your mission when your videos address donations of specific asset types. It can be a benefit to your website visitors to provide short informative videos about creative ways to give. Emotional appeal is motivating.  Studies affirm that up to 90% of giving decisions are based on emotion. Make it your goal to create videos that touch donors heartstrings!
Video topics for gift planning
Videos of your donors sharing their giving story are impactful. Seeing the benefits of their gifts are motivating, highlight how donations are being used to make a difference. Studies show that for nonprofit marketing websites the most viewed pages include testimonial donor stories. Try an interview format where you ask questions and highlight donors sharing their responses. Supporters’ joy and sincerity can resonate with viewers and inspire them to think, “They did this and I can do this too!”

Post a video clip of your mission in action
Reading about the meaningful ways your organization is making a difference is important, but seeing your mission making a difference is definitely more memorable. You will want to include friendly educational videos about how donations are used. You may want to create video updates on special projects or day-to-day aspects of your organization’s impact.

Best practices to consider
• Obtain permission to share the clip from anyone who appears in the video.
• Keep brevity in mind. A two-minute video is considered most effective.
• High energy is inspiring. Foster engagement by using background music and graphics and movement.
• Post your videos on social media to encourage donor engagement, education and inspiration.
• Highlight your gift planning videos with links in your enewsletters.

Would you like to view some gift planning videos?  You are invited to reach out to Crescendo. We can help you explore gift planning video ideas and examples for your marketing.  Feel free to contact us to arrange a time convenient for you.

Sandra Henningsen

By Sandra Henningsen
Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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