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Invaluable Annual Plans for Gift Planners

Do you have an annual plan for your gift planning initiative? Do you have structure for your marketing and stewardship activities? Does your gift planning operate spontaneously?

An annual plan is not a goal setting plan or a wish list. It is an action plan. With this plan you have your weekly or monthly map for guiding your most time-efficient and budget-sensitive activities to close gifts. Both time and budget are precious, so an annual plan can become an invaluable time saver in these two ways.

Create a Custom Plan

An annual plan for your gift planning should be a custom plan that is specific to your organization. There are three critical criteria to guide the creation of your annual plan.

Consider the Benefits

You will want to share your annual plan with your staff and teams. Your plan will affect your team members as they fulfill their duties and expectations.

Moving Forward

Now is the time to begin gathering your resources and your thoughts for completion of your annual plan. Consult with staff and team members for their input, sharing what you are accomplishing and how this will be of benefit to their activities going forward. Your most time-efficient and budget-sensitive activities lie ahead. Now is the time to set in motion your gift planning annual action plan!

Do you need help creating an annual plan? As part of your GiftLegacy Subscription, Crescendo offers complimentary CresCoaching. CresCoaching is a four-week webinar and coaching series designed to help you build and launch an effective planned gifts marketing program. You will learn how to create a time and cost efficient marketing plan that is tailored specifically to your organization. Visit the CresCoaching page for our schedule and contact us to sign up.


Sandra Henningsen

By Sandra Henningsen
Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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